ABWA Crescent City Connections Express Network has provided a total of $13,525 in SBMEF awards (includes the scholarship and 1-year student membership to ABWA) since 2017 (we’ve chartered in 2014). Here is a record of past recipients:

Brenna D’Aunoy – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000

Madison Holmes – Impact Scholarship Recipient, $1000
Madison Hannan – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000

Explanation of our SBMEF scholarship Awards:  
The 2019 recipients each will receive $2000 + 1-year student membership to CCCEN. Here are this year’s recipients. 


      1. Paris Price – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000
      2. Jennifer Heard – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000
      3. Marcela Hincapie – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000
      4. Tia Carter – Outright Grant Recipient, $2000


  • There was a great applicant pool this year.
  • We were able to give out four $2,000 scholarships.
  • All we did to promote was send out the information to as many people as we could. It was a team effort.
  • From there the applicants that met the requirements were put into the system and were able to complete the application process.
    • Resident of Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St Bernard, St Charles, or St Tammany parishes
    • 3.2 Minimum GPA
  • The applicants did all the heavy lifting having to fill out the application, submit a bio, submit transcripts, and get three letters of recommendation.


  • The Impact Scholarship program provides a league the opportunity to customize a scholarship within the fund’s program parameters.
  • Each Impact Scholarship funded by the league must have a minimum of three qualified applicants that have completed the online application process.
  • Applications for an Impact Scholarship are reviewed by the Trustees and voted upon whereby the SBMEF Administrator notifies the President (or Scholarship Chair) by email the name of the scholarships recipient.

Participation Guidelines for a Sponsoring League. To sponsor an impact scholarship, the league must:

  • Be in good standing (liability insurance premium paid, and the league’s officers/committee chairs are current with their national and local dues).
  • Fund the scholarship by making a contribution of $1,000 plus $100 for each Impact Scholarship funded. In addition, the league must purchase a gift membership.

Procedures for sponsoring leagues:

  • The sponsoring league must complete the Impact Scholarship form in addition to defining their eligibility criteria for each Impact Scholarship funded
  • A minimum of three qualified applicants required for each Impact Scholarship funded.
  • Present the Impact Scholarship check to the scholarship recipient in a timely manner. 

I plan to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and a Business Minor. After my undergraduate studies, I plan to go to medical school and work for my MD to become an Anesthesiologist.

I currently hold a 4.64/4.0 cumulative GPA at Mount Carmel Academy. I have a 33 on my ACT, and a 1360 on my SAT. I have been on the Principal’s Honor Roll since 8th grade. I had the highest average in Algebra I in 8th grade. I also won 2nd Place in Algebra I District Rally and was a State Rally Qualifier. I am a National Honor Society member, a Mu Alpha Theta member, and a Latin National Honor Society officer and member. In 9th grade, I earned Maxima Cum Laude, and in 10th grade, I earned Magna Cum Laude.

At Mount Carmel Academy, I am a Student Ambassador, a member in the Junior Engineering Technical Society, a Come Lord Jesus Leader, an officer in Mount Carmel Cubs Against Destructive Decisions, a member in Book Club, and previously, a member of the Game Squad Cheerleaders. I have also volunteered to be Mount Carmel Academy “Big Sister”, a Mount Carmel Academy Summer Camp counselor, a Mount Carmel Academy Cub Connection Assistant, and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I have work experience in babysitting and tutoring, and as an office assistant/secretary at Patco Mechanical, Inc.

I am Tia Carter a junior at Xavier University of Louisiana pursuing a degree in premedical biological sciences, a student who is determined to beat the odds of growing up in my New Orleans community. The only state I have called home for twenty years, is ranked forty-nine out of fifty states in education. Louisiana is one state away from having the worst education system in America. Although I was surrounded people who settled for jobs they did not have passion for, my dreams felt more of a reality.

My parents understood from a very young age that I had a light inside of me that could not be dimmed. I have always had a strong mind full of curiosity to learn about the world around me. I took a special interest in learning about why and how things in life happen. As a kid I wanted to know why do people get sick, how brains work, and every questionable thing in thw world around us. My secondary educational experience allowed me to become involved in finding out how living things operate. My senior year of high school, I knew for sure I was interested specifically in all things biomedical. I was enrolled in a biology advanced placement course and an independent genetics course to get a head-start on my undergraduate studies of biology. My lab experiences in both high school and college confirmed my destiny of discovery.

My early exposure to being a product of a successful medical establishment, motivated me to grow from a product to becoming the source for others. After my receiving my bachelors in biological sciences with a concentration in chemistry, I plan to further my studies in graduate school. Graduate school would finally give me the opportunity to answer a few of the “whys” and “how” with the help of my own research contributions. Specifically, I hope to study pharmacology in graduate school to form a deeper understanding of drugs and their effects for my called profession of an anesthesiologist.

I am realistic with my personal, academic, and career goals which helps me to stay motivated and notice my progress. I understand my academic goals of completing graduate and medical school will take a tremendous amount of determination, faith, and passion. All three characteristics I possess and will help me achieve my dream of becoming an anesthesiologist.

After I am financially stable, I plan to create a non-profit organization to continue serving my community.


Xavier University of Louisiana – New Orleans, LA

Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Biology Pre-Medicine, May 2020 Minor: Chemistry
GPA: 3.27


New Student Orientation – Peer Dean LeaderProject Be There – Student Mentor/TutorCommunity Plunge – Site Leader
Peer Body Project — Peer Body Trainer



Dean’s Honor Roll Alpha Lambda Delta–

Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2018
April 2017 (Freshman Health honor society)


Alpha Epsilon Delta Premed Honor Society

March 2018

My nonacademic experiences include voluteering and working. I have provided a list below of my current extracurricular activities:

Pear Dean Leader
Project Be There Mentor
Peer Body Project Peer Counselor Pink House Inc Mentor
Langston Hughes Academy Tutor

April 2018-Present August 2018 – Present January 2019-Present August 2016- Present

Fall 2018- Present

I am a student who is dedicated to contributing to the success of my community. I have active roles in both my Xavier University community and the greater New Orleans area. My volunteer experiences range from special populations including elders, victims of abuse, homeless, both troubled and proficient youth and even my peers. In each of my experiences I continually give and gain as much as possible. Therefore, I am respectful towards individuals of all ages and all backgrounds, a necessary component to an evolving world.

I volunteer with Eden House which is a home for human trafficking victims, the Hunger Coalition to fight hunger, and my most significant impact in my community is with Pink House, Inc.

I have been volunteering with Pink House Inc., for three years mentoring, empowering, and leading young women in the New Orleans area towards growth and success. I serve as a group leader for various events, as a member of multiple planning committees, and contributed to high attendance rates. My most pivotal role this school year involved coordinating and leading an event called Sister to Sister: Spectrum Sistersthat took place this February. The event’s purpose was to have rotating informational sessions about life topics ranging from curiosity to identity to health. We began organizing the event in August 2018 dedicating several months to ensure the young ladies involved would receive the necessary tools to acknowledge, respect, and find comfort in the diversity of women.

My discussion embodied the definitions, prevalence, and solutions of social pressures. The topic resonates with me because I have always been a strong minded individual and always believed everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

To show them life pressures can happen to anyone, I used my personal experiences of dealing with internal and external pressures. Some decisions can be life changing. I am still overwhelmed with joy that I positively impacted the lives of over 100 girls.

Growing up in New Orleans, kids encounter things that negatively impact their health and future. Many kids do not have the opportunity to be involved in enrichment programs that will positively impact their character, mindsets, and future opportunities. My experiences shaped who I am today and I feel called to provide the same necessary opportunities to the young individuals in my community.

I am a veterinary technician and future doctor of pharmacy. My plans once I graduate are to complete a residency in veterinary pharmacy or compounding pharmacy.
Pharmacists as well as Veterinarians are dedicated in helping to provide high-quality therapies and services for their patients. I am learning that independent pharmacies can provide compounding services to both human and veterinary patients. Consequently, my personal goal is to have my own independent pharmacy that incorporates veterinary and human medicine with the mission to provide quality patient care and compounding services to satisfy the specific needs for ALL patients.


  • Pharmacy education, Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, USA, PharmD Candidate 2022, GPA 3.81

  • Pre-pharmacy education, Delgado Community College, New Orleans, 2017; Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, 2018

  • Veterinary Technology, Associate Degree, Delgado Community College, New Orleans, 2008Honors:

  • CVS Scholarship, Fall 2018, $1,000

  • Dean’s List Delgado Community College, New Orleans, LA, 2006-2007

  • Member of the Beta Honors Society, High School, New Orleans, LA, 2003

  • Member of the Spanish Honors Society, High School, New Orleans, LA, 2002-2004

    Work Experience

  • Veterinary Technician, Cat Hospital, Metairie, LA, Jul 2017 – Current. Responsible for small animal nursing, administering medications and vaccines, restrain, client education, lab work (collection of blood, urine and fecal samples), placing iv catheters, assisting in ultrasound and x-rays, autoclave, dental cleaning, laser, anesthesia, assisted in surgeries (routine spay and neuter, abscess repairs, growth removals, biopsies,), and other responsibilities of similar complexity.

  • Hostess, New Orleans Steamboat Company, New Orleans, LA, Mar 2014 – Mar 2017. Responsible for client communication and bilingual support.

  • Veterinary Technician, VCA Causeway Animal Hospital, Metairie, LA, Mar 2007– Mar 2016. Responsible for small animal nursing, administering medications and vaccines, restrain, client education, lab work (collection of blood, urine and fecal samples), placing iv catheters, assisting in ultrasound and x-rays, autoclave, dental cleaning, laparoscopy, endoscopy, laser, anesthesia, assisted in surgeries (routine spay and neuter, FHO, TTA, fracture and abscess repairs, growth removals, biopsies, splenectomy), and other responsibilities of similar complexity.

  • Veterinary Technician, Crescent City Veterinary Hospital, New Orleans, LA, Jun 2005 – Mar 2007. Responsible for animal nursing, surgery assistant, client education, lab work, sample collections (blood, urine, fecal), assist clients and the doctors, administer medications, and other activities of similar complexity.

    Extracurricular Activities and Community Services:

  • As a member of Xavier’s College of Pharmacy Diversity Committee, I joined the Planning Committee of the Latinos Health Fair conducted this year. I promoted and organized the registration of more than 65 pharmacy students to the health fair, and led the activities to be carried out by first year pharmacy students when providing services to around 360 patients attending the event.

  • As a member of Xavier’s College of Pharmacy Diversity Committee, I joined the Cultural Nigh Planning Committee and led the participation and organization of more than 20 teams of students performing during the event last year.

  • As a pre-pharmacy and pharmacy student I have participated in different health fairs providing screening, educational and wellness services to underserved populations along the year.

  • As a veterinary technician I have participated in different health fairs providing basic veterinary services to small animals

  • As a member of the following College of Pharmacy student associations I have participated in different outreach and other activities scheduled along the year: American College of Apothecaries (ACA); American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP); American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (ACVP); American Pharmacists Association (APhA); American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP); College of Psychiatric & Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP); Louisiana Society of Health-system Pharmacists (LSHP); Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP); Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)


My future plans focus on my personal growth to a higher level in all aspects of my life so that I may be of greater service to others. Academically, I am expanding my knowledge in educational leadership so that I can move beyond the K-12 classroom to either principalship or professorship. Xavier University’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, which emphasizes school turnaround and leadership development, will ensure that I am well prepared to work for equal access to high-quality education for all. I have already experienced hands-on learning in courses such as “Leading a Professional Learning Community,” “School Business Management,” “Advanced Educational Law,” and “Leadership Theory and Behavior.” These courses and others have expanded my thinking and have fostered a leadership and growth mindset within me. Additionally, I am enthusiastically working toward my dissertation topic which will focus on the effects that decentralization has had on service delivery in schools. From this research, I hope to share my findings and knowledge with others in articles, books, and conferences that reach across the world. Although the doctoral will probably be the highest degree that I will earn, I am committed to being a lifelong learner because it brings me joy and enriches my life.

I love academia and have been blessed to excel in this area. A few years ago, when I obtained my Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Xavier University of Louisiana, I received a special honor for earning a 4.0-grade point average.

Although it has been quite challenging, during my doctoral studies at Xavier, I have managed to earn a 3.6
cumulative grade point average. Additionally, in 2018 while pursuing my doctorate degree, I was nominated by my colleagues to be inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. The Society is known for advancing quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges. As a member of Kappa Delta Pi, I was recently awarded a competitive grant to support my teaching efforts in the classroom with gifted students of military families. These academic distinctions and honors could not be obtained without the support and nurture of outstanding instructors and supporters.

As I mentioned earlier, my life is mostly dedicated to the support and nurture of others. In fact, my personal mission statement is to lead, challenge, and motivate myself and others to achieve excellence as a lifestyle.

This mission is lived out in several work and extracurricular activities that include Leading Ladies, volunteering for LEAD at church, support of local girls basketball teams and sports camps, occasional freelance writing, and simply reading books and magazines.

First, Leading Ladies is a girls support program that I started about ten years ago when I was teaching high school. I started it when a former student tried to commit suicide and I heard then President Obama say that if we want change, we have to be the change. Leading Ladies has been going strong ever since. The mission of Leading Ladies is to nurture the health, social skills, and leadership abilities of school-aged girls. This mission is upheld mostly in an after school setting where girls learn everything from etiquette, yoga, assertiveness, STEM skills, fundraising/entrepreneurism, community service and more. All of these activities are mostly connected to the Common Core Academic Standards.

Second, I spend a lot of time giving back to the churches that I attend. Recently, I had the task of training church leaders to be better leaders. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that I needed to be a better leader before I could show others how to effectively lead. I’m working on that detail now. Additionally, I volunteer at youth-related activities at church.

Third, I come from a family that loves sports. This is why I spend time volunteering in support of an annual summer sports camp at the school where I teach. Also, I volunteer to support a girls basketball AAU team with fundraising and clerical support as needed. I enjoy providing an opportunity for young people to shine!

Next, when I have time, in rare instances, I do freelance writing for local newspapers. Recently, I did some writing for Picayune on stories in my community mostly relating to youth and education.

Finally, my favorite thing to do when I have free time is to read magazines and books and simply think and dream. Reading helps to renew my mind and keep me with a fresh perspective.

Although this list may seem extensive, I am preparing myself to do even greater works in the future.

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