American Business Women’s Association Hosts July Luncheon 

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The next American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) luncheon on July 19 will feature Theresa Barnard, ADPA, Financial Advisor with Waterfront Wealth Management. Theresa will present on “Knowledge is Power – Financial Strategies for Women”.

Theresa Barnard’s Bio:

Theresa Barnard is an 18-year veteran of the financial services industry. Before beginning her career with American Express Financial Advisors, Theresa spent several years as a behavioral health counselor. Her experiences working in behavioral health has provided invaluable insight and understanding of the human psyche.

Theresa built a successful financial advisory practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma before partnering with Brock and Associates, one of the more successful American Express Financial Advisor practices in the nation.  As an advisor and operations manager, Theresa was able to continue serving her clients while helping to build the firm’s client service model and develop human capital.

In 2010 Theresa relocated to New Orleans to partner with Rufus Cressend. Together they have developed Waterfront Wealth Management, an innovative financial advisory practice that focuses on meeting client needs with a collaborative approach utilizing the unique talents of the entire advisory team. In addition to over 75 years of combined experience, the Waterfront Wealth Management team holds multiple professional designations and two juris doctorates. The team is comprised of two investment specialists, a retail retirement plan specialist, a risk management and capital transfer specialist and two financial planners.

Through her comprehensive approach, Theresa can help clients identify what is important to them and conceptualize their dreams. Theresa then can work with her clients to develop a personalized plan to help them realize financial security and a confident retirement.

As a female in the financial services industry, Theresa recognizes firsthand the unique challenges that women may face in building financial security. Too many times she has worked with women that are uprooted due to divorce or an unexpected death. Theresa wants to ensure women have a trusted advisor that can help navigate difficult financial transitions and hopefully avoid such challenges by proactively building financial security.

Knowledge is Power Financial Strategies for Women.

As a woman, you’re used to wearing plenty of different hats, often at the same time. You may be the primary breadwinner, run the household, take care of children and/or elderly parents all while bringing your families together. You face the challenge of balancing financial planning with a host of other priorities, including work and family. Enlisting the help of a financial advisor can help reduce the stress of a busy life and help you feel confident and in control.

Women face demographic and social realities that can affect their financial planning and decision making. Women are more likely to experience an income gap, live longer, fulfill multiple roles at work and at home. Also, women are often impacted by specific life changes differently than men. In this presentation, Theresa will take a close look at the way these four areas impact women’s financial lives and offer strategies to feel confident about your finances, both now and in the future.

The networking luncheon will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2018 from 11:00am – 1:00pm at The Cannery (3803 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA).

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