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ABWA’s 3rd Annual Equal Pay Day
Celebration Benefiting Scholarships for Business Women

A New Orleans Women’s Business association, ABWA, championed the Equal Pay discussion for a third year and raised  money to support the development of business women by partnering with New Orleans businesses, Geocent and Lucid, who are dedicated to ensuring equitable pay.

New Orleans, LA: The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) Crescent City Connections (CCC) Express Network hosted its 3rd annual Equal Pay Day event held on National Equal Pay Day April 10, 2018 at the National World War II Museum from 4:30pm – 7:30pm.

Having the third celebration is a victory for CCC President Amy Landry, who founded the local event along with the ABWA chapter. “From my training and development background from working for Walt Disney to founding my own company, I wanted to create an event with a trainer’s mentality where women walk away with skills and are empowered to be part of the solution,” she said.
Reflecting that mission, at this year’s event, “We educated business owners and CEOs on compensation best practices from local companies that  championed a culture where talent is compensated regardless of gender,” Landry stated.

The event was sponsored in part by Lucid and Geocent, two local technology companies.
Geocent’s VP of Human Capital and ABWA member, Josies Delaune states, “My priorities lie in making sure our employees are paid equitably and that our employee population is representative of the communities where we work. I constantly look for resources to help our team reach these goals and I’m looking forward to learning impactful strategies from this Equal Pay Day event.”

ABWA has also invited event sponsor, Lucid, to speak. Senior Vice President of People, Nicole Pelengaris Patel, took the stage to educate attendees and local business owners on how Lucid is leveraging data on a daily basis and how they use data to create compensation strategies that are fair across genders.  “Data can be powerful when leveraged in the right ways” states Nicole. “I am most proud of the opportunities I have had building HR infrastructure while also creating a people culture that partners with the business. I have made this happen by hiring best in class employees and fostering a work environment where the Human Resources function truly helps grow the business through employee programs that build a diverse, inclusive, and equal work community.” Nicole believes “a company with a strong People focused culture, comes from strong leadership and data driven compensation and recruiting strategies that align with the business it supports and the types of employees it wants to hire.”

“New Orleans has, in the past, maintained a reputation as lagging in supporting women in their careers. But companies like Lucid and Geocent are paving the way and we are thrilled to be partnering with them for this event.” ABWA, the president, Amy Landry.


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