Serving as a committee chair or co-chair—or contributing time and skills as a committee member—is an excellent way to gain experience in leadership and building effective teams. ABWA Crescent City Connections offers opportunities for any member to contribute in an area of interest to them. In addition to furthering their own professional growth, committee members help enrich the experience for all who attend ABWA Crescent City Connections meetings and events.

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The duties of the Education Committee include:

  • Manage the details related to Impact Scholarships, including developing non-discriminatory and legal eligibility requirements and guidelines.
  • Conduct outreach to schools to publicize encourage students to apply.
  • Report status on initiatives to the Chapter’s Executive Board
  • Provide end-of-year written summary of activities and accomplishments to the Executive Board for inclusion in the Best Practices notebook

This committee helps to provide relevant programming for each monthly Chapter meeting. The duties of this committee include:
Conduct member surveys

  • Secure programming within the budgetary guidelines defined by the Executive Board
  • Communicate with the Newsletter and Publicity chairs for publication and marketing of events
  • communicate room set-up and A/V requirements tVice President
  • Keep members apprised of various professional development opportunities

The members of this committee are responsible for identifying and recommending opportunities that generate revenue for the Chapter treasury. Once annual projects are approved, the committee shall act to create and implement their revenue generating plan. The committee shall be responsible for monitoring progress and providing status reports to the Executive Board.

The primary function of this committee is to work with the vice president to maintain the strength and vitality of the Chapter. The committee’s goal is to organize and implement two membership recruitment campaigns each year (fall and spring) that will attract new members and/or reactivate former ABWA members.

The membership committee aims to grow membership. Strategy to achieve this includes:

  • event follow up
  • collaboration with the social committee
  • member incentive
  • education about membership benefit
  • member recognition
  • new member ceremony

The aim of the Social Events committee is to organize special events and activities in the common interest of ABWA members. The committee strives to plan activities that are as fun, varied and as dynamic as the members that make up our organization. Social events may include:

  • Wine and cheese tastings
  • Professionals boat cruises
  • Roundtable discussions over happy hour
  • Karaoke
  • Vision Board events
  • Walks in the park
  • Athletic Events

Members of the publicity (communications and social media) committee will develop and implement a plan that increases the visibility of the Chapter’s notable initiatives and Chapter/member accomplishments within the community, including:

  • Writing and sending promotional information to all appropriate web, social and media outlets
  • Marketing the Chapter’s monthly meetings and events via online event listings and any other viable source, including commuter publications
  • Ensuring that Chapter members and non-members alike are kept informed of ongoing events and topics of interest via a (currently) quarterly newsletter
  • Posting significant publicity in the Chapter’s team board on Community Connections and keep the Chapter’s District Vice President apprized

The duties and responsibilities for the Auditing and Nominating Committee include:

  • The Auditing Committee is considered a Special Committee, also referred to as an ad hoc committee.
  • Responsible for auditing the league’s financial records for the term, documenting its findings and providing a final written report to the league’s Executive Board.
  • The audit report should be maintained in a secured location for tax purposes.
  • An audit of the network’s financials should be conducted in July, or whenever a vacancy occurs, or when otherwise deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
  • The Auditing Committee is appointed by the president.  

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