Mission. The mission of the CCCEN Awards Committee is to support the Board and membership in fostering a culture of high achievement and recognition towards the attainment of League Level I, II or III Best Practices. 

Overview. From January through May, the Committee will assemble a listing of qualified candidates for ABWA CCCEN Woman of the Year, Protégé, and National Top Ten Woman of the Year, by reviewing various league records and validate eligibility based upon board pre-approved criteria.   For ABWA CCCEN Woman of the Year, the Committee will then solicit candidate voting from the membership, as well as tabulate and determine the final WOY recipient, based upon a pre-determined point system. 

The CCCEN Awards Committee will also provide ideas and support in carrying out the logistics of the CCCEN awards ceremony. All of the WOY candidates will be present at the May ceremony at no charge and bring one (1) guest at no charge. The name of the WOY recipient will remain confidential until the CCCEN Awards Committee Chairperson announces the WOY at the May ceremony. 

National Awards. These are the awards that ABWA National sets forth for our league’s participation:

Woman of the Year (WOY)– The highest local award, reviewed and nominated by the Awardscommittee, awarded based on qualification and points system, which has been approved by the Board

National Top Ten Nominee – nominated by general membership, reviewed by awards committee, selected by the Board

Protégé– Selected by the Board, based upon outstanding members completing their first year

Hand of Friendship– Criteria already set by national, based upon the number of sponsored new members

Local CCCEN Awards:

2019 -5 Year Certificate Criteria – Must be a member of CCCEN in good standing (both National and Local dues up to date) and must be a member of CCCEN since 2014.

Award Committee Timeline:

Due Date

Action Item/Description


Recruitment for Awards committee begins.  Board publishes Committee job duties to general membership. Board recruits Committee Chairperson.


Board meeting: Board approves awards criteria based on National TTN 2020 criteria.


Committee Chair distributes award criteria to general membership for review.


Committee gathers data to validate pre-qualifications for candidates.


Committee chair presents Protégé candidates to Board for approval.  Committee Chair presents WOY pre-qualifiers to Board for approval.  Board approves National TTN nominee.


Committee solicits WOY candidates for any additional information needed (i.e. APEX certificates).  WOY candidates are presented to general membership for voting.


Committee reviews nominations/tallies points/validates winners.  Awards are ordered.


Awards Ceremony


Deadline to submit TTN nominee to National.

Previous Award Winners:


Top Ten National Nominee


CCCEN Protégé



Rachel Nunez

Leslie Adams

Jodi Archer

Jeanne Bergeron

Wendy Dolan

Christi Felder

Kim Hasney

Amy Landry

Angie LeBlanc

Carol Newman

Rachel Nunez

Gail Varuso



Amy Landry

Cindy Osmer

Laura Donnaway

Donna Accardo

Shawntele Green

Alana Tanner


Amy Landry

Top Ten National Award Winner

Christi Felder

Julie Morse

Shay Edmunson

Lisa Picone-Love

Carol Schlueter

Mandy Simpson

Ulla Gaudin

Barbara Barach


Becky Kostik-Livaudais 

Liz Broekman

Amy Bakay

Theresa Barnard

Liz Broekman

Erin DiZinno

Mckenzie Ellis

Lori Jackson

Sylvia Kamp

Jessica LeBlanc

Becky Kostik-Livaudais 

Amanda Polkey

Jessica Rareshide

2019 – 5 Year Certificate

 Jeanne Bergeron

Christi Felder

Kim Hasney

Amy Landry

Carol Newman

Rachel Nunez

Halley Yellin 































Awards Criteria and Selection Process

The following details the CCCEN Board approved criteria for selecting the Protégé and WOY recipients.   Qualifying year is defined as February  1, 2018 – January 31, 2019. 


Protégé Award


______ Must be a member in good standing (both National and Local Dues up to date)

______ Must be a CCC member for at least 1 year (joined prior to 2/1/18)

______ Has attended at least 8CCC general membership meetings (12/1/17 – 1/31/19)

______ Must have completed at least one of the following: Served in a leadership position, sponsored a new member, or attended DRIVE, Equal Pay Day, or a nationally sponsored conference.


Woman of the Year


Minimum Criteria to be considered as WOY Nominee:


______ Must be a member in good standing (both National and Local Dues up to date)

______ Must be a CCC member for at least 1 year (joined prior to 2/1/18)

______ Has attended at least 8CCC general membership meetings (12/1/17 – 1/31/19)

______ Sponsored at least 2new members  

______ Must attain at least 50points from the WOY judging form


National Top Ten Business Women Nominee

Award Guidelines reference:

Community Connections/National Resources/Top Ten Business Woman Guide (2018-2019)


Minimum Criteria to be considered as TTN WOY Nominee (includes National 2019 Guidelines):


National Criteria:

______Be a female and currently employed (part or full-time).

______Have been a member in good standing for at least two consecutive years as of May 15, 2019.

______ Have a primary affiliation with the sponsoring league for at least one year as of May 15, 2019.

______ Have served on the National Board of Directors and/or the national/regional conference team and/or served

 as an officer, committee chair, league advisor for her primary league since 2016.

______ Have sponsored at least three members since 2016.

______ Have earned at least one APEX Certificate since January 1, 2018 by completing one on-line course in the APEX


______ Have attended at least one nationally sponsored ABWA event (Regional Conference and/or the National

Women’s Leadership Conference) since 2016.

CCCEN Criteria:

______ Awarded Women of the Year  by the ABWA CCCEN in 2018, 2017 or 2016.

______ Has not been selected as a National Top Ten Business Woman of ABWA in the past.

______ Has attended at least 8 CCCEN general membership meetings (12/1/17 – 1/31/19).


*An exception is being made for this category for this year only as an effort to streamline the qualifying year going forward.  December 2017 was not included in the 2017-2018 awards criteria.

Eligibility Requirements for Leagues to sponsor an applicant for this Award:


  • A league must select a nominee that has a primary affiliation in their league.
  • A league must submit a copy of the league’s meeting minutes reflecting their sponsorship of the Top Ten nominee. (not board meeting minutes).
  • A league must be a chartered and in good standing for a minimum of one year with the American Business Women’s Association by May 15, 2019. (League Administrative dues up-to-date and all officer’s dues in league are current).
  • The nominee’s application must be signed by the leagues President (if the President is the nominee, then a member of the League’s Executive Board should sign) and Top Ten Nominating Committee Chair and submission postmarked on or before May 15, 2019 to:

ABWA National Top Ten Business Woman Award  

9820 Metcalf Avenue, Suite 110

Overland Park, Kansas 66212


Protégé, WOY and TTN selection process:


  • For Protégé:
    • The board will provide a listing of pre-qualifiers to the Awards Committee Chair to be narrowed down to the listing of eligible candidates.
    • The CCC board will review the Protégé candidates and vote to accept their names as recipients for the awards ceremony.
  • For WOY:
    • The board will provide a listing of pre-qualifiers to the
    • The name of the WOY will be not be revealed until the day of the ceremony.
    • WOY will be recognized in the spring at the CCC Awards Ceremony.
    • CCC budget pays WOY conference ticket and travel expenses to the next fall National Women’s Leadership conference.
    • Committee completes the WOY judging form and provides WOY and Protégé nominees to the Board.
    • Board anonymously casts their ballots, seals in an envelope and presents to a designee to tally up.
    • We may have a designee order the award on our behalf, or we may have one CCC member safe keep the name to order the award.
    • Family, employer and friends of the recipient will be invited to the CCC Awards Ceremony by neutral representatives of LaCapitale, or by an appointed CCC member.
  • For TTN:
    • Only one of the three most recent WOY recipients are eligible to be chosen as WOY.
    • The Board will nominate and vote upon the TTN candidate to be submitted to National.
    • Should National choose our league’s TTN candidate:
      • Special recognition will be given to the TTN at the luncheon immediately following the date National notifies CCC of the award.
      • CCC budget will pay the TTN conference ticket and travel expenses to the next fall National Women’s Leadership conference.


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