The next American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) luncheon on March 15 will  feature Tina Meilleur presenting “5 Ways to Stop Giving Away Your Power”


Tina Meilleur is a Leadership and Business Coach, author, speaker, the Founder/CEO of Design Your Success and the Academy for Business Success. She specializes in helping high-achieving women design and achieve what they truly crave. She helps them proactively design a balance between work and home, accomplish their professional aspirations while planning for their lifelong dreams, and then works with them to create the time and space needed to achieve a life that fits them like a glove.

In her business coaching and consulting, Tina helps business owners propel their businesses to the next level through facilitation, team building, performance management, leadership training, and executive coaching. Her experience areas in both small business and a Fortune 500 company include human resources, supply chain, operations and project management, budgeting, coaching, and consulting. She is also a trained professional coach who has succeeded in meshing her extensive business experience with proven coaching tools. She has an MBA from The A.B. Freeman School of Business and has been a licensed CPA in Louisiana since the 1990’s. She is also a published author of Your Next Chapter: Five Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

5 Ways to Stop Giving Away Your Power

Have you ever hung up from a phone call and experienced regret over what you “should” have said? Have you ever left a meeting feeling you haven’t been “heard”? Have you ever said “yes” when you couldn’t possibly fit one more thing into your schedule?

If any of these questions are resonating with you, you are not alone! As a woman, you have a lot to offer, but can very easily wind up feeling either marginalized in some way or missing opportunities to get what you truly want.

In the “5 Ways to Stop Giving Away Your Power” presentation, Leadership and Business Coach Tina Meilleur not only helps you identify ways that you inadvertently give away your personal power, but also illustrates how you can strategically take it back. As a woman, you deserve to be heard, to show your best self, and to be recognized for what you bring to the table. Are you ready to take your power back?

The networking luncheon will be held on Thursday, March, 15 2017 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at The Cannery New Orleans (3803 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70119)