Member Orientation: The Value of your ABWA Investment

Your Membership Is Valuable!

Learn more about it on immediately following the March Luncheon
Thursday, March 15 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm at the Cannery.
New Member Orientation


ABWA Sister,

Our mission is to develop the members through cultivation and engagement. Our goal is to help you and your business flourish in the organization.  We believe you are the lifeblood and the community of our association, we want to help you achieve your personal and professional best.  New Members and Members if you can be so kind to prepare your schedule an extra hour after the meeting to learn about the benefits you have inside of ABWA, this would give you an opportunity to articulate more clearly to future
members as to why you are involved.


Shawntele Green
VP Of Membership

The American Business Women’s Association is a national professional organization that focuses on recognition, education and
empowerment. ABWA provides formal continuing education opportunities and credits in business management, public speaking,
and marketing to name few. Visit for more information.

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