Barbara Barach – Member Spotlight

Barbara Barach educates people on a balanced lifestyle using the Total Wellness Approach. Her diverse entrepreneurial and educational background gives her a well-rounded perspective. She works with consumers offering them healthy alternatives to their consumable products as well as natural solutions to today’s health concerns. She also trains on an entrepreneurial option to take advantage of the growing trend towards online shopping with a business model that does not have the expense or risk of a traditional business.

With her current business venture, JBS Green Enterprises, she continues her passion for helping others lead healthier lives by marketing for the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. Through their products, Barbara and her husband (ages 63 and 82, respectively) are experiencing amazing improvements in their quality of life and she enjoys sharing the health with others so they can experience similar benefits.

Barbara has served on the Board and as Executive Director of the Elmwood Business Association and has served on the Board and as Treasurer for Women of Infinite Possibilities. She loves networking to develop relationships and connect people for the success of others.

Barbara is currently working on a book about the reunion with her son whom she had given up for adoption and is active with Adoptees Birthrights Committee, a voluntary search and support group dealing with adoption related issues.

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